March 28, 2012

Father Daughter Dance 2012

I just realized I never shared these pictures with you.

After all the crap we went through to get this dance off the ground, I figured it was high time you all got to see Doodle in her fine dance attire.

We woke up early. We had to hit the shoe store first. Grab a pair of black flats, low profile dance socks and hit the coffee stand all before running to Miss Carrie's to have our hair done!

Doodle was a great sport, sitting so patiently while Miss Carrie pulled, twisted, curled, sprayed and bobby-pinned her hair to within an inch of it's life!

Doodle and I head home, with much thanks and appreciation to Miss Carrie, and get ready to finish all the primping for the dance.

Showered? Check
Nails painted? Check
Snack eaten? Check
Dress? Check
Shoes, sweater and accessories? Check
Final hairspray? Check
Spritz of mom's perfume? Check

Picture time! 

Another fabulous Miss Carrie creation!

Nails painted to match the dress, and appropriate jewelry to match!

Beautiful face!

Sassy pose!

Almost ready!

She had a great time at the dance!


Crazy Mom of 2! said...

She is so pretty and sp grown up!

Heidi Millerick said...

Gorgeous like her mama!!!