June 9, 2010

Just get back up when it knocks you down

I feel like I have neglected you all in a BIG way....... my life is always crazy but that is no excuse! So here are the updates for you in no particular order:

School: As you well know, I moved forward with the Mediation process, per my divorce paperwork. I contacted the Mediation center, and a letter was sent to HEE HAW (with a copy to me) explaining the process and asking him to respond. Well, he responded alright. He DECLINED. He did not want to "pay to argue with me" through a 3rd party. So, I am moving forward with the courts now. We shall see how it goes.

Kids: Both Lil C and Doodle are done with soccer! 4 days a week was a challenge for us, especially when you add all the other things I do. They both had a great season and are ready for the break as well.

Dating: I am still trying to figure out the "in's and out's" of how it all works, but I have made some great discoveries! Men are a different species, they have an interesting concept of "time" and they are as insecure as us women are!

Census: Almost done with the census work! Way slowed down and I must admit, that on top of the Girl Scouts, sports, work and dating, I am glad that in the next 5-7 days I will have my life back!

Girl Scouts: Last night was our end of the year celebration. I am SO impressed with my girls and what they have achieved this year. More on that later.......

Ok, short, sweet and to the point update for you.

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